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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
The SAM School’s mission is to provide students with a universal education that emphasizes Sephardic-Judaic Culture and Torah knowledge and observance combined with the study of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts. Our unique approach includes the pursuit of rigorous scholastic achievement, embraces a humane approach to learning, cultural recognition and religious humanism. It is rooted in a strong sense of Jewish identity as practiced in Classical Sephardic Heritage.

The SAM School is a learning community that embraces the traditions of Classical Sephardic Heritage. Our instructional program educates the whole child as a universal learner and promotes high achievement through diverse learning methodologies. We engage the learner’s sense of discovery and wonder, and uphold the noble principles of Torah knowledge and observance. We emphasize a foundation of Sephardic Jewish Cultural Values:

  • Middot/Ethical Attributes
  • Hesed/Loving Acts of Kindness
  • Torah Observance
  • Achievement/Scholarship
  • Cultural Heritage & Tradition