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Early Childhood Program

A Preschool Second to None


Our classes are set up with ample space for children to explore, experiment and learn in a developmentally appropriate way. We implement a multi-sensory approach utilizing the most current educational materials, manipulatives and games. We educate children in small groups, tapping into each child’s learning style. The classrooms are arranged with areas dedicated to different activities such as art, science, drama, literacy and more to facilitate hands-on learning.

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We believe children are innately curious and we encourage them to be active learners, excited about the world around them and eager to explore it. Our curriculum is designed to captivate their imaginations, stimulate them to ask questions and guide them to find answers. We identify and emphasize the strengths of each child and support them in the areas that need reinforcement. Our program addresses the social, emotional, academic, intellectual and spiritual growth of all of our children, helping them develop a lifelong love of learning.

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We believe education happens best through a partnership with parents and aim for school to feel like an extension of home. Children are given a multitude of opportunities to share their work and discoveries with their families. We invite parents to be active participants in our program. We welcome you to observe or be involved in an activity in your child’s classroom.

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